My name is Brooks Barrington Courtney, former President of Morning Star Kitchens & Baths, Inc. I am the original inventor and developer of the EZ-Level system. This year we will be launching 3 more products and believe that they too will help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

We are passionate about product development. When a problem exists and no answer can be found... you can bet that we are all over it. "Necessity truly is ... The mother of invention."

Our headquarters are in North Port, Florida. Manufacturing provided by Southern Spring and Stamping in Venice Florida, grants us the ability to produce up to one hundred thousand units per month.


The EZ-Levels are fabricated by Southern Spring & Stamping in Venice Florida: USA.
Note: SS&S is a fabricator only and does not sell any products. We are the manufacturer and all sales wholesale or otherwise are handled by our office.

Please notice that almost every page on our web site offers our toll free phone number. 800-726-5550 Feel free to call us any time for any reason.

I personally will not work with companies who do not provide phone numbers. We make every attempt to answer every phone call... and be assured... If we are on the other line... just leave a message... we will ALWAYS call you back.

Also you will notice... that our customers who have left "reviews" about our products (see EZ-Level User Reviews page) have also provided personal email address! I've never seen product reviews that you can actually verify for yourself... but we go overboard for our customers and they are happy to share the love.

MorningStar Innovations & Design, Inc.
Brooks Barrington Courtney, Pres.
5519 Garrison Ave
North Port, Florida 34291
800-726-5550 (toll free main)
866-284-3321 (toll free fax)
941-284-6849 (local)

"I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for granting me the courage and the ability to follow my dreams".

 Brooks B Courtney, Pres

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All orders shipped same day. 2nd day Priority mail. M-F (exception: Federal Holidays)
IMPORTANT: Orders received after 12:00 PM will be shipped the next business day.
You should allow about 3 days delivery from the date of shipment.

Notice something unusual? Many of our customers have included their email address in their review.
It's a rare thing for folks to do that but it's also rare to find products that "Live up to the hype".
Thank you... to all of our wonderful customers!