We have priced the EZ-level system to ensure maximum profitability and flexibility for you!
There are 4 areas of profit using the EZ-Level system.

  • Retail profits
  • Labor savings
  • Repeat business
  • Closed Contracts

Retail Profits:
Dealer cost for the EZ-Level system is $10.00 per set.
Most dealers sell our system for $20 - $25 per set "installed".

Labor Savings:
Remember: Even if you GIVE the EZ-level system away at no charge... The labor savings alone will easily pay for the system.

Repeat Business:
Strangely enough, we are finding that people tend to "talk" about our leveling system. (playing golf... at lunch...)
It's very unique, and it's very cool! NO ONE has EVER seen a system like ours before! Impressing clients because they know... "The difference... is in the details"!

Closed Contracts:
Sometimes you need a little extra edge to close a contract . Especially if your client is getting other bids.
If this is the case... Show them the EZ-Level Video and ask them? What are the other contractors using to level your cabinets?
(you can bet the answer will be "$2.00 shims").

Dealer Pricing

Anyone in the trade may purchase at dealer pricing once you have placed your initial order... (min 15 sets)***

You do not have to be a licensed contractor but we must be able to verify that you are a kitchen dealer, builder, remodeler or installer.

Click "Here" to sign up. Make sure you include your trade name, phone number and address.

Once you set up your account... and placed your initial order... give us a call. Once we verify your status we will provide you with your approval code.

At that point, all future orders will be at dealer cost.

Obviously if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a ring at: 800-726-5550 or email me personally at: brooks@ez-level.com

Shipping for Dealers:
Initial package (up to 25 sets costs $20 SH)
All subsequent packages (up to 25 sets per package... costs $14 each)

How To "Sell" the EZ-Level System

1). As mentioned above... simply show your customer the EZ-Level Video and they will almost always choose the system... no matter the cost.

2). We have roughly 1200 people per day on our web site. Many of these folks are seeking certified EZ-Level installers nation wide, so once a member of your company has attended one of our "Certification classes" you will received a "Certified EZ-Level Dealer" logo that you can post in your showroom or on your web site.

Also, your company will be registered in our database and we will gladly pass on any and all leads.

How To Become a Certified Dealer

To become a "Certified Dealer" at least one person from your company must complete our "certification course".

Presently we do not charge a fee for this course and it is completed online so no travel is involved.

If you would like to become a certified EZ-Level Dealer... just give us a call.

Note: We can not recommend any company to our customers until they have attended this class.

Sample Pricing

Sample Pricing