Quick-Jig Knob & Handle System "Patent Pending"

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The ONLY knob and handle jig that works with ANY size handle and on ANY drawer... no matter how heavy the trim!

Lightning Fast 6 Step Instructions

***First: Remove the Door Brace on the right side of the jig.
This is only to be used while installing knobs or handles on doors.***

STEP 1 - Find the center of your drawers:
Mark the top of the drawer front: at that location with a pencil and you have just found the center.

STEP 2 - Set the Quick-Jig on the drawer:
so that the pencil mark shows up inside of the diamond.

STEP 3 - Adjust the horizontal bar to the correct height:
Loosen the adjustment knob slightly raise or lower to desired height.

STEP 4 - Adjust Depth of Striking Pins:
Loosen the two adjustment knobs slightly screw the striking pins in or out until they just begin to touch the surface of your drawer. ***At this point you can snug the knobs a bit but keep loose for next step.

STEP 5 - Center handle on the jig:
With the striking pins loosened (see last step) Turn Q-Jig over and place handle on the backside of the jig so that the points of the striking pins enter into the screw holes on the handle. Then turn over the unit while holding the handle in place Then slide left or right until the numbers on the Horizontal Bar match on each side. Tighten thumb knobs.

STEP 6 - Tap:
Set the Jig on the drawer at the center point. You should see your center line through the diamond on the Top Plate. Using a small hammer tap lightly (just enough to make small dimples so that your drill bit does not travel) Tip: Start with light taps until you are confident that your settings are correct, just in case you need to move the jig a bit.

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