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Kitchen Planning: From Budgeting and Themes to Cabinet and Appliance Selection… Good planning works hand in hand with the Design phase to ensure that you achieve exactly what you envision all the while staying on budget and finishing on time.

Kitchen Design: This is the fun phase! Here, we take the resources found in the planning phase and begin to create works of art! This is where we take mediocre kitchens and make them spectacular! We’llĀ  start with photos of high-dollar kitchens and teach you how to recreate some of these incredible elements in your own kitchen and within your budget.

Installing Cabinets: The work phase is actually a blast. Knocking down walls… tearing out old soffits and literally molding your new kitchen from the ground up!

Counter Tops: There is so much to know about counter tops. From the type of top you choose to the templating and even installation… this phase critical for long term success!

Cabinet Knobs: Like the cherry on a desert… Cabinet hardware is FUN! There are zillions of choices and with a little Pro-Knowledge… you will feel confident to mix and match to give your kitchen that high-end look and feel!

Specialty Tools and Materials: This is the secret sauce! Utilizing smart and innovative tools and materials make the impossible… possible! We show you the BEST the industry has to offer!

Support: Our goal is to educate anyone and everyone exactly how to pull off breathtaking works of art! If your stumped… submit a photo and a quick description. We’ll do our best to get you back on track and on your way to success.


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White River Design offers exquisite trim and hardwoods turning kitchen or home into a work of art!


This content is intended for both pros and homeowners alike. Each month we will feature cutting edge tips and methodologies from the best installers in the world. All written in an easy to follow format, so rather you are a DIYer looking to build your first kitchen or a seasoned pro… we have content that will save you hours of time!

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As of October 19th, 2013 this Blog is live… however we are busy adding content daily. Feel free to browse but don’t forget to check back every couple of weeks.




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