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Installing Cabinets – Cabinet Runs

Cabinet Runs: One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when installing cabinets is installing them one at a time. Here is the problem. NOTHING is level, plumb or square! Even the cabinets themselves… are not perfectly square. M-SeriesCustom M-Series with Spice racksM-Series 72 x 42 with custom spice racks.borderedTherefore, if you are installing cabinets one at a time… each and every cabinet will push you further and further out of square, plumb or level. (notice the exaggerated floors, walls and corners in these two photos). Unfortunately, if you are trying to install using shims… there is no choice in the matter. You are forced to install them one at a time.

However: If you are using a quality leveling system like the EZ-Level system, the fix is simple! Fasten your cabinets together in larger ” cabinet runs”… say… 3-5 cabinets in a row (or more if you can handle the weight safely). This way… you simply set those larger “cabinet runs” into place… and laser level them using the leveling system! Half the has already been done for you! Now…Having said that… it would be impossible to do this without a leveling system. You cant do it with shims because you can not reach the backs of the cabinets.

How To Install Kitchen Cabinets – Videos

We have lots of wonderful videos which will show you every aspect of this process. Just click here to view our main video called “How To Install Kitchen Cabinets”.

Also… there are lots of download links as well.
Just navigate to EZ-Level.com and you will find everything you need including a whole series of How To videos to aid you in your kitchen cabinet installation.

Installing Cabinets – Finding The High Spots

When it comes to kitchen cabinet installation, It’s imperative that you determine the high spots in the floors FIRST before anything else! Why? EVERY cabinet will be positioned based on that high spot. ESPECIALLY if you have tall cabinets (like pantries) connecting both the wall cabinets as well as the base cabinets! As you can see in this example the high spot causes all the other cabinets to be raised up which in turn causes the wall cabinets to be raised up… including microwave vents etc.! Also check the height of any windows or pass through that could be affected. If you are too high… you could cut down your toe-kicks a little bit… then mount the leveling system and install as usual. (Caution: Cutting your cabinets should be the LAST resort)


How to find the high spots when installing cabinets: Make a Story Stick: Take a 1×4 or 2×4… and measure up it 54”. Draw a heavy (easy to see) line across to stick. Mark “OK” just ABOVE that line. Move the story stick to various positions around your kitchen along the walls… moving the story stick in and out (at the wall and approximately 21” out from the wall) if the laser beam falls on or in the OK ZONE… all is well. But if the laser beam falls “below” that line on our story stick… you will need to raise the laser beam UP till the laser once again falls on or above the line. Once you have determined the highest point of your kitchen- mark an easy to read line on your wall (for easy reference). Now simply set your laser on that mark and hang your ledgers. This makes installing kitchen cabinets a snap!

When it comes time to install your base cabinets, make sure you use a quality leveling system. You will then set your cabinets into place… turn on the laser level… set the beam on the “highest point” of the “highest cabinet”… and simply adjust the base cabinets up to that point. Using a system like the EZ-Level system will enable you to accomplish this in only a few minutes.


Installing Cabinets – How To Videos

There is a wonderful video showing you exactly how to do this. Just navigate to the EZ-Level Videos page and watch the main video “how to install kitchen cabinets”. Note: This particular segment is at the 00:55 point in that video

On that same page you will find dozens of how to videos, articles, charts and graphs (like the one below) making installing cabinets fun.

Because you will inevitably need some cabinet levelers to get your cabinets level, navigate to  EZ-Level.com and you will discover the most advanced leveling system available today.


Installing cabinets - High Spot In Kitchen FloorStory Stick for Installing Cabinets

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