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How to Put up Kitchen Cabinets

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How to Put up Kitchen Cabinets


How to Put up Kitchen Cabinets

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We think that crown molding is the perfect addition to kitchen cabinets, and it can really give your home an elegant touch. Here we will talk about how to put up kitchen cabinets so you can add crown molding to them. Luckily, we've got the handy Crow Master to help you out.

Video: Crown-Master (Crown Molding Jig)

The Crown Master is the only saw jig that allows you to cut your crown molding right side up on any saw, making it as easy as cutting a baseboard. Because you can cut it right side up, you don't have to make guesses that can lead to mistakes. This is especially true of amateurs. Pros can typically get the job done, but this can make the process even easier so you don't waste time or materials. All you have to do is place your crown into the opening, tighten it, and you are ready to go! It can fit any common sized crown up to 10 inches, and will work just the same. The Crown-Master comes with two wedges, used for different angles of molding, so you have a perfect cut every time.

For those that use the back of the molding to make marks, there is an easy solution. Simply extend the mark over side of the crown, so it can be seen right side up, and you will be able to use the laser on your saw to align it. Most saws sold today come with lasers for expert precision. If your saw does not have a laser, you can easily install one just like you would change a blade.

Installing Cabinets with Molding

Crown molding is a beautiful finishing touch on your tall cabinets and wall cabinets. To install wall cabinets, start by making runs. A run is a line-up of cabinets that you will screw together. To make sure they are even and so you can hold them together, clamp them using our favorite super clamps, and use cabinet screws to secure them together. Using a story stick and a laser line, install your ledger board for your cabinets to sit on top of.

To fix the cabinets to the wall, you must screw it into a stud for maximum strength and sturdiness. We recommend the Stud Finder Pro that uses strong magnets to find screws in the drywall. It is easy to use and has no parts to lose! You may also need a few shims to help correct a wall that is not plumb. You are now ready to screw through the cabinets and into the wall. Now that your cabinets are secured, you are ready to add the crown molding.

For a further explanation of the wall cabinet installation process, take a look at our video: Part 1 - Installing Wall Cabinets.

Taking on crown molding is easy with the Crown Master. Simply measure and mark each piece, and use the laser on your saw for a perfect cut every time. We have the Crown Master, our favorite crown molding adhesive, and saw lasers available in our online store.

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