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How to Level Base Cabinets

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

How to Level Base Cabinets


How to Level Base Cabinets

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We are proud to introduce you to our EZ Level system in this video. We developed this product to eliminate the frustration that comes along with leveling kitchen cabinets.

Video: EZ-Level Cabinet Leveling System

In this video, we will introduce you to our EZ Level system. Since no floor is perfectly level you will need to level your cabinets when installing them. Shims are the traditional cabinet installation method, and not only are they tedious to use, but over time, heat expansion causes them to shift and can compromise the foundation of your countertop in as little as a year. Without a proper foundation, heavy stone countertops like granite or concrete can crack immediately, so it is important that they are resting perfectly even on each edge of the cabinet.

Instead of going through the hassle of leveling your base cabinets with shims, you can now use the EZ level system to perfectly level your cabinets as runs in a fraction of the time. The EZ levelers install in each corner of your cabinet, and can be accessed through the front of the cabinet behind the toe kick. With a quick twist with a screwdriver, you can adjust the levelers for a perfectly precise laser level. The levelers are strong, and two sets on a single cabinet will hold 700 pounds before they will buckle.

Installing a Cabinet with EZ Level

Installing kitchen cabinets is easy when you have EZ Levels. First of all, you do not need to install them individually. You will yield a much more professional look if you first screw the cabinets together into a run. To hold them in place to screw, we recommend that you use our favorite Super Clamps to make sure they are perfectly aligned. Next, you need to install your EZ level sets. To find out how many you will need, take a look at our guide, or give us a call.

Once you have the levelers installed and the cabinet in place, it is time to level. Using a story stick, you will measure to find the highest part of the floor. This height is where you will level the entire kitchen to, so you should set your laser level at this line. Although you have many sets of EZ Levels on your cabinets, the only ones that matter right now are the ones on the outside. Start with the back corners, and slowly raise them up to the laser line. Next, you will do the same with the front. When you are done, the entire top of the cabinet should be illuminated red with the laser. This is how you know you’ve nailed it. A quick tweak can easily fix any imperfection.

Now that you have leveled the corners, all you need to do is drop down the levelers in the center. If you are installing a single cabinet, you will not need levelers in the center, so your work is done! Since it is already leveled, these center levelers are purely for support, and there is no need to level them.

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We developed the EZ Level system when we decided that there has to be a better way to level cabinets than shims, and we’ve never looked back! If you are ready to start using the EZ Level system, give us a call at 800-726-5550 today! We are dedicated to providing you with practical solutions to save you time and frustration. We are incredibly confident in our products so they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Before you go, check out our product catalog, watch the rest of our instructional videos, read testimonials, and of course, contact us if you have any questions!