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How to Install and Level Corner Cabinets

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

How to Install and Level Corner Cabinets

How to Install and Level Corner Cabinets

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Simply put... Corner cabinets are a pain.
Here are some quick remedies for getting your corner cabs level and true every time.

In this video extra, we are going to talk about how to install corner cabinets. They can be a pain, but with the EZ Level system, you can install them just as easily and accurately as any other square cabinet.


Despite its more complicated shape, you still only need two sets of levelers placed on the sides. The cabinet can then be leveled as usual by using the laser method. It might require a bit more tweaking than a standard cabinet, but leveling is always a breeze with our EZ level system, no matter the type or shape of the cabinet.


With the most common type of cabinet, you should also create a support for the back corner once it has been leveled. To make this support leg, you will need to access the back of the cabinet in the corner. Luckily, most cabinets have been trimmed at a 45-degree angle, leaving a triangular space at the corner.

You will first place a 1x4 or 2x4 in the corner, the wide side against the cabinet at the 45-degree angle. Mark the wood at the top,and trim it to be the same length as the height of the cabinet. Then, you can replace the wood and screw it onto your cabinet from the inside. This makes a strong, sturdy leg that will last.

Non-standard cabinets might need some rigging to create adequate support for a countertop. Some cabinet companies cut corner cabinets down, making them shallower than the typical corner cabinet. The shallowness can cause problems. A short set of EZ Levels will not give you as much control as a longer set. Sometimes, extending the base sides of these cabinets with a 1x4 is recommended, especially because it is easy to do and will give you far better control by accommodating a longer set of levelers.

Finishing Up

Now that it has been leveled and has been given a sturdy foundation, it is ready to be secured to a stud in the wall. e recommend the Stud Finder-Pro for accurately finding studs to secure cabinets, or anything else. This device uses magnets to find studs in seconds, and with no false readings. You can find this product, as well as EZ-Level sets, cabinet screws, and more in our product catalog.

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