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How to Install and Level Tall Cabinets and Panels

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

How to Install and Level Tall Cabinets and Panels

How to Install and Level Corner Cabinets

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Installing Tall cabinets and Panels as "runs" saves lots of time...
and yields a much cleaner more professional look in the end.

In this video extra, we are going to talk about how to properly install tall cabinets and panels. There is no reason to get intimidated by this task, as it can be very simple to do. It's even easier to level using our EZ level system. Let's take a look at some tips and tricks.

Donít Install Separately

Some think that the only way to install tall cabinets, such as those around a refrigerator, is to do them separately. This takes much longer and is a lot more tedious than screwing the pieces together. They can be treated like any other cabinet run. This method will also likely produce a more professional look in the end.

As a refresher, if you need to attach cabinets for installation, lay them on their backs, and use your Super Clamps to hold them tightly together while you attach them with screws. Just make sure that the tops of all the pieces line up, or leveling could become a problem. Like when installing base cabinets, it is important to line them up correctly.


Just like any cabinet run, you will need a leveler for each end and for each seam. For a typical example, let's use a setup with a tall cabinet, one panel, and a wall cabinet on top to surround a refrigerator. For this setup, you will need three sets of levelers: one for the panel, one for the outside of the tall cabinet, and one for the inside of the tall cabinet.

To level, start on the outside of the run adjusting both the front and the back to make it perfectly level. It can be tricky, but with the EZ Levels you can easily adjust each corner until it is perfect. Once you have the outside leveled, drop the middle ones until they touch the ground. There is no need to do any more with these, as the unit is already level.


You are now ready to attach the run to the wall. Use our favorite stud finder, the Stud Finder-Pro, to locate the studs in the wall and screw your cabinets securely into place. There's no reason that tall cabinets and panels need to be difficult to install. If you work with them in runs, it can be easy, and we have a lot of tools and resources to make it even easier.

The Stud Finder-Pro, EZ Level sets, screws, shims, and Super Clamps are all available in our product catalog.

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