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How to Install and Level Island Cabinets

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

How to Install and Level Island Cabinets

How to Install and Level Island Cabinets

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Unlike other kitchen cabinets, islands pose some additional challenges.
Here is everything you need to know.

In this video, we are going to teach you how to properly install and level island cabinets using the EZ Level system. EZ Level allows you to quickly and effectively level your cabinets without the hassle of other methods. It is easy to install, and with a quick screw, can level your cabinets in seconds.

Getting Started

To start, you need to screw the set of cabinets together. To do this, we use Super Clamps to hold the cabinets together while you connect them with screws. Both the clamps and the screws are available in our store. To make sure they are level on top, we like to attach them upside down on a large piece of smooth plywood to make sure the surface is level. If the tops of your cabinets do not line up perfectly, you will not be able to level them properly, and your countertop will not have adequate support.

Now that you have your cabinets attached, it is time to install EZ-Levels to your cabinets. If you need help determining how many sets you need, check out this guide. Now, you can move them into place and determine where you need to fasten them to the floor. To do this, you will need anchor blocks. These are wooden blocks that are screwed into the floor. Concrete, tile, and wood all have different needs when it comes to securing something to them.


You are now ready to place your cabinets over the anchor blocks and start leveling. It can be tricky leveling island cabinets because there is no wall to help guide your cabinets to the right height. We suggest having someone prop up a piece of drywall behind the cabinet so you can see the laser marks and be able to properly level.

Using the EZ-level system, raise up the corners of your cabinet group to match the laser, just like installing other cabinets. When those have been perfectly leveled, you can adjust the middle sets for total support.

Final Steps

Now that your island is leveled, you must secure it to the floor. Before putting the toe kick on the cabinet, screw through the bottom of the cabinet and into the anchor block. This will immobilize the cabinet. You are now ready to make the final touches for beautiful cabinets.

Get EZ Level

If you are ready to take your cabinet installation to the next level, we have all of the tools you need. Our system is easy to use and will hold up over time unlike the traditional shimming method. Give us a call at 800-726-5550 and we will get you started today!