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Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Instructional Video - Pt. 1

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

Part 1 - Installing Wall Cabinets

Part 1 - Installing Wall Cabinets

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Video Time Stamps:
00:00 Unpacking... Covering Floors
00:15 Laser Level -Introduction
01:00 Ledger Boards - Proper Height
01:45 Story Stick (How to make)***
02:10 Story Stick (Finding the high spots)***
03:20 Marking Line on wall for Ledger Boards
03:30 High Spot - Dictates height of other cabinets***
04:44 High Spot - Moving Story stick front to back along walls
05:30 High Spot - On adjacent walls
05:45 Wiring for under-cabinet lighting
06:27 Finding and Marking Stud locations on wall
08:37 Laying out - All cabinets & fillers on walls
09:51 Ledger Boards - hanging
10:48 Venting for Microwave - Moving location

In part one of our video guide on installing kitchen cabinets, we show you how to take proper measurements with our EZ-Level to ensure your ledger board is correctly mounted for the wall cabinets. Here, ensuring the ledger board is measured from the highest point of the floor is essential. To make things easy, we utilize what's called a "story stick" to make sure all of the correct measurements are made. Of course, the instructional video also covers determining the high spot, wiring for under-cabinet lighting, and locating studs to hang the wall cabinets.

From there, we take a close look at hanging the ledger board (an integral step), as well as venting for a microwave. Each and every one of these preparation steps are crucial to the entire process, so be sure to take your time and follow the video closely.

Keys to Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Needless to say, without proper measurements and preparation, your kitchen cabinets likely won't line up as intended. From covering the floors before starting work to hanging the ledger board, any misstep can be trouble. This is why we encourage utilizing our EZ-Level. Even the slightest misalignment can affect the process and outcome. So, when it comes to installing kitchen cabinets, the precise level and easy-to-see laser is a true lifesaver.

Install with EZ-Level

If you're planning to install kitchen cabinets in your home, ensure perfect results with our innovative EZ-Level. Even in brightly-lit rooms, the laser is easy to see, helping you make the proper measurements at all times. Of course, our provided instructional videos will also go a long way in achieving the best results, but it all comes down to the right level - and we have it!

If you already know what EZ-Level set you need for your project, you can order here. If you need some assistance, check out our How to Order page. For questions and comments, please give us a call at 800.726.5550.