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Installing Kitchen Wall Cabinets: Video Guide - Pt. 2

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

Part 2 - Installing Wall Cabinets

Part 2 - Installing Wall Cabinets

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Video Time Stamps:
00:00 Sorting Your Cabinets Properly
00:35 Build Cabinet Runs - Screwing Together
03:50 Screwing Backs of Cabinets Together
05:40 Fillers - How To Cut (staining edges)
07:40 Fillers - Installing (fixing a warped filler)
10:15 Screwing a Corner Cabinet In Place
12:30 Wiring - Boring Holes to allow wires to come through

Once you've laid out your cabinets, marked your high spot, and made the proper marks along your walls, you can start preparing the cabinets for installation. In part two of instructional video for installing kitchen wall cabinets, we'll cover sorting your cabinets, building the cabinet runs, and screwing the backs of the cabinets together. The latter two steps are essential to the entire process, as you need to ensure they line up properly.

From there, we talk fillers. We start with correctly cutting the fillers, staining the edges, and installing the fillers, in addition to fixing warped fillers. Finally, you'll learn how to screw the corner cabinet into place (which can be tricky), before boring holes in your kitchen cabinets to allow wires to come through.

Considerations for Installing Wall Cabinets

When it comes to installing wall cabinets for the kitchen, or nay room for that matter, these preparation steps are integral to the entire process. As you near the hanging and installation stages of the process, always go back and ensure your measurements are correct one last time. While our EZ-Level can makes things simple, it's still important to make sure you didn't make any errors in your measurements. From there, you can then proceed to building the cabinet runs and adding fillers, before hanging the wall cabinets. Of course, you'll need to pull out the EZ-Level again.

Simplify the Process with EZ-Level

If you don't already have one, purchase your EZ-Level before you decide to install kitchen cabinets. While other levels can help you get the job done, the simplicity and efficiency of our laser level is truly unmatched. Easy to use and easy to see in bright rooms, the EZ-Level makes installing kitchen cabinets a far more simplified process. Order your EZ-Level here!