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Installing Kitchen Wall Cabinets: Video Guide - Pt. 3

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

Part 3 - Installing Wall Cabinets

Part 3 - Installing Wall Cabinets

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Video Time Stamps:
00:00 Hanging Cabinets - Runs... Not Individuals ***
02:05 Walls - Warped and Not Plumb
05:40 Fridge Cabinet - Measuring for and Installing
10:00 Fillers - Installing Against a Wall

In part three of our instructional videos for installing kitchen cabinets, we cover hanging the wall cabinets. In part two, you should have installed the corner cabinet and bored the proper holes to allow for wiring. Once complete, you can then begin installing the rest of your wall cabinets. However, as noted in the video, you must account for any walls in the kitchen that aren't plumb. While the wall cabinets will be plumb (with the help of our EZ-Level), you may find some gaps between the wall and the cabinets. If this is the case, you'll simply want to utilize a shim. In other words, don't screw the cabinet in to make it flush with the wall, as the cabinet is already plumb.

Another note to make here is we're installing wall cabinet runs, rather than individual cabinets. This is why we built cabinet runs in part two of our video. Moving along, part three of our video guide shows you how to measure and install the fridge cabinet, before we discuss installing fillers against the wall. This is key, as you won't be able to clamp the filler in place. Instead, you'll need to use some shims to hold the filler as you drill it into place. Of course, we cover every small detail in the instructional video.

Key Considerations for Hanging Wall Cabinets

As mentioned above, paying mind to any walls in the kitchen that aren't plumb is crucial to the outcome. While you may be inclined to simply drill those cabinets flush against the wall, it'll ruin the precise measurements and leveling you completed with our EZ-Level. If you followed each of the previous steps correctly, your wall cabinets should be perfectly plumb. However, that doesn't account for the walls. If you do find some spacing between the cabinets and walls, you'll need to place shims before drilling the cabinets to the wall.

Once you've accounted for any walls that aren't plumb, and placed the necessary shims, you can install your wall cabinets, including the fridge cabinet. Once complete, it'll be time to start the base cabinets - and you'll need the EZ-Level again.

Simplify with EZ-Level

Installing kitchen cabinets is a gradual process, and it demands utmost precision. To ensure you take the right measurements and install your cabinets nice and level, use our EZ-Level. The bright laser and ease of use can make any project easy to complete, and the results will be perfectly aligned! Order your EZ-Level today and get working!