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Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Instructional Video - Pt. 4

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

Part 4 - Installing Base Cabinets

Part 4 - Installing Base Cabinets

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Video Time Stamps:
00:00 How To Layout Cabinet Runs
00:20 Cabinet Leveling System - Why and How
01:05 Base Cabinet Runs - Proper Strategy ***
03:08 Clamping & Screwing Base Cabinets
04:03 Installing The Leveling System
05:20 Setting "most" Cabinets Into Place (not all)
05:39 Setting Laser - Highest Point of the Highest Cabinet ***
06:05 Drilling For Plumbing Lines - The right way

In the fourth installation of our video guide for installing kitchen cabinets, the focus is on installing base cabinets. Traditionally, if a kitchen design or layout had multiple cabinets, or components, these would be installed separately. Not only is this time consuming, but often times leaves parts of the cabinets misaligned because of small variances in levels of the floor and wall. When you use EZ-Level, it not only allows you to pre-combine multiple cabinet pieces, but also ensures that all pieces are level.

Using EZ-Level can take a seemingly difficult installation and turn it into simple leveling and installation. We offer how-to video guides for each step of the process, designed to help you follow along, watch before, or refer to during the installation process. These EZ-Levelers go on the base of your cabinets, allowing you to attach them, combine cabinets pieces, and install as a whole unit in your kitchen or room of choice. This user-friendly system allows any homeowner to get the job done right.

Keys to Installing Base Cabinets

During the installation process, it is common that mistakes can be made in regards to aligning multiple base cabinet pieces together. As mentioned in the video, your kitchen is not flat throughout, making even the best installation techniques useless against an unlevel floor or wall. Nothing is more frustrating than stepping back to admire you work, just to see what needs more attention.

When you use EZ-Level, you are working smarter, not harder. Ez-Level allows users to take the guesswork out of the installation process, and gives confidence that the job is done right. When improperly installed, this can not only look bad, but also decrease the lifespan of your cabinetry and even cause parts to break, leading to damage of your home and items stored in your cabinets.

Additional benefits of an EZ-level installation is it takes less time and less people. Traditionally, it would take multiple hands to both observe all base cabinets are level, pushing and securing each into place, and combining them once installed. EZ-Level takes less people, less time, and less hassle for the installation process.

Use EZ-Level For your Next Project

If you are installing base cabinets in your kitchen or home, use EZ-Level and learn how easy home remodeling can be. Take advantage of our instructional videos and begin planning your next home project.

EZ-Level offers various set options, so don't hesitate to find out what is right for you and order here. For questions and comments, please give us a call at 800.726.5550.