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Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Instructional Video - Pt. 5

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

Part 5 - Leveling Base Cabinets

Part 5 - Leveling Base Cabinets

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Video Time Stamps:
00:16 Setting Base Cabinets 1" away from the walls - Why ***
00:28 Wall Hang - What Is It... and How To Avoid It
01:00 Leveling The Base Cabinets - To The Laser ***
03:00 Now scoot Cabinets To The Wall
03:50 Sink Base - Setting Into Place - When and How
05:00 Shimming And Screwing Cabinets To The Wall
06:00 Raising All Base Cabinets Off the Ground 1/8" For Water Leaks ***

In this fifth installation of our video guide for installing kitchen cabinets, the focus is on leveling base cabinets. In the last video, we ended by turning on the laser leveling, and setting it at the highest point for the highest base cabinet. This now prepares you to properly install and level your base cabinets. The EZ-Level is now ready to be used for a painless installation. EZ-Level is used to adjust your cabinets up to the laser line, leaving a one- inch space from the wall to ensure flexibility during installation. As you can see in the instructional video, this process is done by first aligning the front edges of the cabinets up with the laser line, then proceeding to the back, all the while utilizing the user-friendly EZ-Level systems.

Once all edges are level, use the EZ-Level system to push the base cabinets against the wall. If any additional adjustment is needed to make the surface level. A hand held device is recommended for use with the levelers for these small adjustments, based on the flexibility, and preciseness it allows the user..

Keys to Leveling Base Cabinets

Having flat, level, base cabinets are essential in serving as a base for all other additions to your cabinetry. When misaligned, it can not only look aesthetically unpleasing, but can also pose structural problems for your cabinets. When you use EZ-Level, it takes the guess work out of the installation process, and allows you to create the look you want for any installation in your home. Nothing is more frustrating thant getting to the end of a project, just to realize parts must be redone. Save yourself the time and hassle by letting EZ-Level do the hard work, and getting you the look you want.

Use EZ-Level For your Next Project

If you have an upcoming project, need a good gift, or want to be prepared for future home projects, invest in EZ-Level and invest in a job well done. EZ-Levels laser leveling is easy to see even in daylight, and makes even the toughest jobs capable to be done by even one person. Take advantage of our instructional videos and begin planning your next home project.

EZ-Level offers various set options, so don't hesitate to find out what is right for you and order here. For questions and comments, please give us a call at 800.726.5550.