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How To Install & Level Triangle Bases and Trapezoid Cabinets

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Created by: Brooks Courtney

How To Install & Level Triangle Bases

How To Install & Level Triangle Bases and Trapezoid Cabinets

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Not all cabinets are created equal. Sometimes you will need to install an awkward piece, like a triangle base or a trapezoid cabinet. When it comes to oddly shaped cabinets, it can be tricky knowing how to install them properly. Although their odd shape can be intimidating, it shouldn't be. It is actually quite simple to install and level triangle bases and trapezoid cabinets.

In this video, we will discuss the installation method, and how to level them using EZ Levels. EZ Levelers take the frustration out of properly leveling cabinets so you can have perfectly even cabinets every time, no matter the shape

Step One: Make A Run

Treat triangle bases and trapezoid cabinets as just another part of a run. To make a run, attach all of the continuous pieces together with screws. To do this, lay each piece on its side, and clamp them together. Making sure to line up the top of the cabinets and using shims to properly space them, screw each piece together. If the tops of your cabinets don't line up, you will not have an adequate base to support your countertop. This is especially true for heavy countertops like granite.

Now it is time for you to install your EZ Levelers. Aside from the triangle and trapezoid pieces, you will need a set of levelers for each end and each seam. For example, if you have 4 side-by-side cabinets, you will need 5 sets of EZ levelers. When adding a triangle or trapezoid piece on the end, you simply need a single leveler for the point.

Step 2: Level

To level, use the levelers inside of the triangle or trapezoid at the seam attached to the last square cabinet. You will level this run just like any other: by using a laser line. The laser is by far the most important tool for leveling cabinets. First, raise up the back to match the laser line. Then adjust the front to bring it up to the same height. Once it is level, you will drop the levelers along the seams and on the point of the triangle or trapezoid until they touch the ground. Do not raise them up past that because the entire run is already leveled. Simple as that!

Step 3: Secure

This cabinet run is now ready to be attached to the wall. Use a stud finder (our favorite is the Stud Finder-Pro) to locate studs, and be sure to screw the cabinets into them. If you do not attach the cabinet to the stud, it can easily break away from and cause some serious damage to the wall.

Order Your Tools

In our product catalog, we have all of the tools you need to begin installing and leveling cabinets: EZ level sets and singles, screws, the Stud Finder-Pro, laser levelers, and much more.

If you aren't sure what you need to get started, take a look at our guide, or give us a call at 800-726-5550. We are happy to help you perfect your EZ Level plans for free!