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How to Install a Kitchen Cabinet

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How to Install a Kitchen Cabinet


How to Install a Kitchen Cabinet

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In this video, we will introduce you to our favorite stud finder, the Stud Finder Pro. Securing your cabinets to a stud will ensure that they have a strong and sturdy hold. Let's talk about how to find studs and install a wall cabinet.

Video: Stud Finder Pro

The Stud Finder Pro uses 4 neodymium rare earth magnets, each with 24lbs of holding power, to easily locate drywall screws quickly and accurately. Unlike other stud finders, this one doesn't need any batteries, or have any parts to lose, meaning that you are making a lifetime investment when you purchase the Stud Finder Pro. It works by latching on to the metal screws that hold the drywall to the foundation of the house. You will want to attach your cabinets to this foundation as well.

To find a stud, simply guide the stud finder slowly across the wall. Hold the stud finder vertically, and sweep horizontally. You might need to lower the finder a bit on your next sweep if you do not feel the magnet latch on. To make sure that you have found a screw, simply run the stud finder up and down, and you will feel each magnet grab the screw as you move up and down. Now, you can mark the wall.

Securing Wall Cabinets

Studs are part of the skeleton of your home. They are the wooden beams between the walls and floors and are responsible for holding up the house. When you are installing something heavy like a large painting and especially a cabinet that will house different things, you have to secure it to a stud because the drywall alone is not strong enough to hold the weight. Improperly securing objects to the wall can cause damage and lead to hefty repair costs. That's why a good, reliable stud finder is important.

Once you have found and marked your studs, you can begin the installation process. For wall cabinets, you will need a ledger board. This piece will provide support for the cabinet while you are installing. The ledger board should be level and flush to the wall. This means that you will not only need it to be level horizontally, but also vertically. Since a wall is rarely perfectly plumb, you will need shims to help you accomplish this. Use the shims at each stud location and screw through it and into the stud upon installation.

Now that you have your ledger board secured, you can lift up your cabinets. To make installation easier, screw adjacent cabinets together to make a run. This will give you a more professional result in the end as well. Since your ledger board is already level, you should have no trouble leveling these cabinets horizontally. Now, use shims just like with the ledger board, to make sure it is flush against the wall. Now you are ready to screw through the cabinet into place, through the back of the cabinet, the shims, and into the wall.

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