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How to Install Cabinets

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How to Install Cabinets


How to Install Cabinets

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Clamps are an essential tool for achieving beautiful cabinetry. In this video, we will show you our new favorite cabinet clamps, the Super Clamps! Let's take a look at some of the features of the clamps, and how to use them to install cabinets.

Video: Super Clamps

We use cabinet clamps in all of our installations. Clamps hold the cabinets in place so they can be screwed together. We always recommend that you attach your cabinets to make runs before you begin leveling and installing. These clamps allow you to hold and align cabinets and even fillers. No other clamp has given us the ability to do that, but thanks to its unique 4.5" opening, now we can!

To use, start with the clamps open and place them over the pieces. Then, tighten the horizontal bar that will clamp them together. Before making it too tight, use the vertical clamp to align the cabinet faces. Now, slowly adjust each side until tight. Now, you're ready for screws.

Making Runs and Installing Cabinets

Making cabinet runs is easy and makes the installation process easier. Our leveling system makes it possible to forego shims and install cabinets in runs. When making runs, it is important to align the top of the cabinet so your countertop will have proper support. To do this, we suggest placing the cabinets upside down on a sturdy board, because floors are rarely level and this will help you achieve perfection. Use your super clamps to hold two pieces together and align them. You might need shims or fillers in between the cabinets to make sure that the alignment is right. Then, use cabinet screws to attach the pieces and move on to the next one.

Instead of installing and leveling potentially a dozen or more cabinets individually, it is much more manageable to install cabinets in chunks. Not only does it simplify the process, but it will actually produce a more professional result in the end. A lot of little mistakes when installing cabinets separately can really add up.

Once you have made your cabinets into runs, you can attach the EZ Levelers to base cabinets and start the installation. Base cabinets are easily leveled with our EZ Level system that allows you to access the back corners from the front of the cabinet. We wouldn't recommend any other method.

To level your cabinet run, you will need a reference line or laser. First raise up the back corners to match the line, followed by the front corners. A bit of adjusting might be necessary to ensure a perfect level. Since you're leveling a run, you really only need to worry about the outside corners. Once those are level, drop down the center levels for support. Wall cabinets are installed on a ledger board that should be level and flush to the wall. They can be installed in runs just like base cabinets and make it just as easy for you.

We have Super Clamps, EZ Levelers, and anything else you might need to install beautiful cabinets in our product catalog.

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