Install Cabinets Yourself
With EZ-Level Cabinet Levelers

Install Cabinets Yourself - With EZ-Level Cabinet Levelers

Achieve Absolute Precision In Minutes Without The Hassle Of Shims!

God Bless You & Your Families. Trust God and Stay Safe.


    Laser Level Entire Kitchens In Minutes

    Completely Hidden Behind Toe Kicks

    Protects Granite For A Lifetime

    Easy To Install And Use - Phone Support

    Used By Professionals And Homeowners

    Superior Strength - 700 lbs / set

    "Simply Tell Your Sales Associate That You Want The Leveling System Added To Your Order"! 

    A Few Words From Our Pro-Customers...

    Proudly Made In The USA


    Clinton Mitchell - MitchellCraft, Inc.

    I build custom cabinets and furniture for the Lake Norman and greater Charlotte area here in NC. I love these EZ level leveling devices! They are a great selling point for my customers and make it another tangible way to set myself apart from the competitors. EZ level’s customer service is excellent and their processing and shipping have a quick turnaround. I have to say that the greatest reason I love EZ levelers is the speed and ease i can set my cabinets! It has made a drastic difference in the time spent in adjustments of setting cabinets. Don’t let the price or “newness” of this product hinder you. I tried them out just to see what they were all about, and now I’m hooked on how much better they make my product and process! ***

    Written by: Clinton Mitchell
    MitchellCraft, Inc.
    5 / 5 stars 


    Ulises Reyes - Morning Star Renovations USA, Inc. 

    I was fortunate enough to be working for Mr. Brooks Courtney when He invented the EZ level’s in 2009. Honestly at the beginning I was skeptical... But here we are 10 years later and I tell you what, there’s no way I would ever install a single cabinet without them!!! My customers love the cabinet levelers too! They appreciate the fact that we only use the best materials available and the EZ-Levels are certainly a part of that.

    Kitchen & Bathroom Design, Remodeling & Consulting
    Servicing: Port Charlotte, Venice, Sarasota, & Englewood, Florida

    Written by: Ulises Reyes
    Morning Star Renovations USA, Inc.
    5 / 5 stars  


    Dan Orasi - Trees2Treasures, LLC 

    I can’t say enough great things about the EZ-Level system. I took out two new guys for an install yesterday. I taught them how to install the EZ- levels on cabinets which took hardly any time. They were amazed at how fast we installed all base cabinets and island cabinets. Literally took 15 minutes to level the whole kitchen with two guys that have never used EZ-level system before. Thanks for a great product.

    We make custom Kitchen and bath cabinets. We also do fireplace mantles, built-ins, bookcases. Stop by often we are always adding pieces to the showroom.

    Servicing Auburn, NY

    Written by: Dan Orasi
    Trees2Treasure, LLC
    5 / 5 stars 


    Hans Brook - R.N. Brook & Sons 

    EZ levelers have changed the way we build and install cabinets for the better. Faster installs and leveling. No more broken plastic legs. We are a small family owned cabinet and furniture building shop located on the Northern Oregon coast. Incorporated in 2003, we have been serving local customers and contractors with high quality cabinets and individualized service and designs.

    Fine Pacific Northwest Craftsmanship Since 2003

    Written by: Hanns Brook
    R.N. Brook & Sons
    5 / 5 stars 


    Laurel Winkel - SheBuilds 

    I use EZ levels on ALL my cabinet installs. It makes the entire installation easier and smoother! I love knowing my cabinets are precisely leveled and I never have to worry about the stone tops being out of level.
    "We love your EZ's... We use them all the time"!

    Kitchen Sales, Design & Install
    Serving Portland, Oregon & Layton UT

    Written by: Laurel Winkel
    5 / 5 stars 


    Michael Spelman - Prospect hill Homes 

    We LOVE the EZ-Level system! We use it on every single install no matter what the floor looks like. If people knew how awesome they were, they wouldn't eve question it! Does the EZ Level system cost more than shims? Yes, absolutely. Does the EZ Level system save costly time by eliminating all the shimming, crouching, and re-shimming? Yes, dramatically so! Set it and forget it!

    Kitchen & Bath Design and Installation / Doors & Windows
    Servicing Metro West Massachusetts

    Written by: Michael Spelman
    Prospect Hill Homes
    5 / 5 stars 


    Bill Fallert - Dream Mill Creations, LLC 

    EZ-Level is a very good product. I struggled for years installing cabinets the old way using wood shims (which would eventually compress or fail), then used composite shims but still couldn't get them into hard to reach configurations in corners and at the back wall. EZ-Level solved all those issues. My cabinets installs are dead level from side-to-side and front-to-back. The countertop installers really appreciate the fact that they do not need to do any shimming for the granite or other materials. I also like that advantage of having all the cabinets, by default, just slightly off the finished floor. This alleviates the finished floor from allowing any cabinets to rack during final install and protects the cabinets from absorbing any minor spills or leaks. The only area of improvement I would like to see is in the packaging of items. I still occasionally end up short on adjustment rods or screws. Overall, I wouldn't install any cabinets without them and highly recommend the use of the system to everyone.

    Dream Mill Creations is a full service home improvement company specializing in maintaining the entire home. Serving Wildwood, Missouri and surrounding areas

    Written by: Bill Fallert
    Dream Mill Creations
    5 / 5 stars


    Brad Westhoven - KB Kitchens 

    We've been using the EZ-Level cabinet levelers for a long time now. It's gotten to the point that our installers are mad if I forget to order the levelers! We can't even imagine installing kitchens without them

    Cabinet Refacing, Kitchen Remodeling, Countertops, Backsplashes
    Servicing: Greater Toledo and Fort Wayne, IN

    Written by: Brad Westhoven
    KB Kitchens, part of the Kitchen Solvers Family
    5 / 5 stars  


    Bob Faust - What About Bob, Inc. 

    I tell everyone about EZ-Levels. Anybody who installs for a living needs to know about it. All my customers are educated what it is and why I never use shims since I found the EZ-Levels. I even tell all the cabinet manufactures about it, just as a part of great customer service they should offer it. Its only a matter of time before it will become the standard on all kitchen installations. Its a bonus that it makes our job so much easier to install perfectly even if the floors are way less than perfect. I will never install a kitchen without the EZ-Level cabinet levelers.

    I Specialize Selling, Designing Installing Kitchens, I work with many different cabinet lines.
    I am located in the Summerville area, and service all of Charleston as well.

    Written by: Bob Faust
    What About Bob, Inc.
    5 / 5 stars 


    James Costello - Essex Remodeling 

    EZ-Level allows fast leveling/shimming of two or more cabinets without the need to go back and reposition cabinets adjacent to the ones you are working on. I personally like to get the entire kitchen layout screwed together and perfectly aligned and then make minor adjustments for level and screw to the wall. They also make easy work of aligning big pantry cabinets although I do reinforce those cabinets with solid shims/blocking once installed. I install most kitchens by myself with EZ-Level and some help from a few FastCap products, I would never want to go back to the old way of having a helper holding/tipping cabinets so I could reposition shims in the rear of the base cabinets a dozen times to get it just right. The EZ-Level system is a great help when needed, I was able to talk to the owner directly when I misplaced one component of his system and he was able to get me exactly what I needed and in a timely manner!

    Kitchen & Bath Design and Installation / Doors & Windows
    Servicing Metro West Massachusetts

    Written by: James Costello
    EZ-Level Cabinet Levelers
    5 / 5 stars 


    Larry Spence - Lasco Home Improvements, Inc. 

    First time using the EZ Level system and I don't think I'll ever install another cabinet without them. Was a good project to start with having walls out of plumb and the floor having a 3/4" fall left to right on a 6' run while 1/4" - 1/2" back to toe kick fall. They worked as described and the support, ordering and fast delivery worked great too. Only thing that fell short was the screw count and quality on the 1" mounting screws. I was 2 screws short plus had two with bad Phillips heads so the drive bits would not work. I've already reached out to two other installers and plan to pass the word on EZ Level.....I'm Sold !

    Servicing the Omaha Metro Since 1999

    Written by: Larry Spence
    Lasco Home Improvements, Inc.
    5 / 5 stars 


    Christopher Bucci - ATH Construction 

    These levelers are great. They save a tremendous amount of time and in my opinion make for a far better install. I am so happy with ez level and there staff that I use the levelers on all my projects including bath, vanities and book shelves. I would highly recommend the cabinet levelers to anyone who wants to save money on labor and have a far superior project when finished.

    General Contractor, Home Remodeling, Kitchen, Baths, etc.
    Serving the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas

    Written by: Christopher Bucci
    ATH Construction
    5 / 5 stars 


    Fritz Gensheimer - Custom Home Builder 

    The EZ-levels are the best thing going! We use them on every single kitchen we install. The videos are awesome too.

    Building homes for over 36 Years. A Fritz Gensheimer crafted home is designed to last for generations. Quality craftsmanship is not a slogan here, it is almost a religion and everyone from the foundation contractor to the cleanup crew are followers.
    Servicing: The Main area and also The Florida Keys

    Written by: Gritz Gensheimer
    Fritz Custom Home Builder
    5 / 5 stars 


    Ryan Dillon - Dillon Creations Cabinetry 

    Just as the names says... they make things EZ! Getting to the back of the cabinets... getting to the inside corners, the levelers just speed things up.

    Custom cabinet-making workshop located on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. We specialize in kitchens, entertainment centers, bedrooms, bathrooms, and built-ins. Everything is expertly crafted in our workshop with our state-of-the-art equipment.

    Servicing: Martha's Vineyard

    Written by: Ryan Dillon
    Dillon Creations
    5 / 5 stars 


    Kelly Still - Embark Home Builders, LLC 

    We are a new customer. Great system... worked like a champ! I'm a home builder that is just getting started...and will be calling on your system from here on out.

    Servicing: Texas Gulf Coast

    Written by: Kelly Still
    Embark Home Builders, LLC
    5 / 5 stars