Pro-Tips  &  Instructions

1. How to install (Less than 1 min per set)
2. Layout (where should you put levelers): If no plans... SIMPLE! Build Runs first. Two on stand alones... and then runs)
3. How to Level (Singles / Runs / Corner cabinets / Tall cabinets / Islands / Panels and turnings
4. Why and How your customers ALWAYS pay for the EZ's (includes about Post cards)
5. Toe Kick Issues (RTA cabinets / CAM's / Bunn feet / Drawers in toekicks etc)
6. Extra Lift
7. Covering Gaps
8. Singles vs Sets (Shallow depth cabinets)
9. Super heavy oven cabinets. Glue wedges if needed

Corner Cabinet Options (EZ-Level Layouts)
Corner Cabinet Options (EZ-Level Layouts)
Pinch To Zoom

Here is an example. Showing how we fastened a 1x4 into place and notched the rear toe-board so that it could extend back.

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