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This is the best invention since the tape measure. My wife and I installed our new kitchen using a laser and EZ Level and we split the beam between the front and back cabinet rails. We did not believe this was possible to achieve this type of accuracy on our 100 yr old floors. Which BTW are sloped by as much as 1-1/4 inch across the span of the cabinet run. We're using the second order to install the pantry and bathroom cabinets. I love the EZ-Levels and hope this review helps in some small way. PS: I have sent a set of leveling feet to my brother who is a residential contractor.

EZ-Level Cabinet Levelers
5 / 5 stars

EZ-Level Review: I just recently purchased and installed the ez level system in a total kitchen remodel. I was very impressed at how easy it was to use leveling the cabinets and the granite installers said that it was one of the best cabinet installs that they have seen. I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased and will be purchasing your leveling mounts for the next kitchen.

Thank You, Jeff
JC Construction

Kip Clohessy,
EZ-Level Review: I purchased the EZ-Level system for my cabinets and the system works fantastic! I've shared this with a bunch of folks that I know are getting ready for cabinet installs. These are a "Must Have". I split the beam just like your video! I did it in just a few minutes (see attached photo)!

Here are some additional pics. I basically followed your instructions on how to install the wall and base cabinets and a funny thing worked.....ha ha.
One of the guys I work with installs cabinets from time to time, and I was sharing my cabinet install with him. He was telling me how much a pain it is having to shim and didn't envy my task. I told him I had them set in less than 5 minutes. He thought I just bypassed the shimming, and I said not so. I sent him the pics. He was stunned.

Kip Clohessy

EZ-Level Review: I thought I would send you a picture of the finished product of my kitchen remodel. (Minus the dishwasher that will go in the opening right of the sink) I learned from your videos how to do it. This is the first time I have ever installed cabinetry. Your videos were indispensable; thanks for making them available. Also, the ez-level cabinet leveling system was AWESOME!!! I have bragged about them to numerous people as well as the guy from whom I bought the RTA cabinets. Thanks for creating these. If I ever do or help someone do their kitchen, I most definitely will use or recommend this system.

Pastor Jim Laupp
Fort Dodge, IA

EZ-Level Review: To all you doubting Thomas's and "Can't teach an old dog new tricks" people, The EZ-Level cabinet leveling system is the real deal! I have been installing kitchens since 1975 and this product is as good an innovation as the laser. Used together, it's an unbeatable combination. I too was skeptical at first, but after using them for over a year now, I wouldn't install base cabinets any other way. Thank you Brooks!

George M. Jones
ZeroGap Fabrications, Inc.
Rutland, MA

Hello Brooks,
EZ-Level Review: Just wanted to drop a note to let you know it's coming together. The Counter tops were delivered yesterday and the installers were amazed at how even and level the cabinets are. They stated to me that they go to a lot of "professional " installations and don't find cabinets this level. I told them I owed all the credit to you and your system. I took time to explain how they work and to show them how they work. I gave them the name of your web site and told them to pass this on to all the cabinet installers they know. I explained how little they added to the total cost and the time saved in actual cabinet leveling and plumbing. Again my thanks for your products and guidance Tom Arline

Tom Arline,

EZ-Level Review: Your product worked GREAT helping me install my two floor to ceiling cabinets level and plumb with no effort at all. This was my first time installing any type of cabinet. I am a software engineer by trade but a woodworking hobbyist. I really appreciate the time you spent with on the phone with me prior to purchase

Brian Phaneuf

EZ-Level Review: Great Product!.., Im a Real estate Broker in NYC and decided to give your product a shot... Glad i did., The EZ-Level cabinet leveling feet are easy to use and the product worked flawlessly... I installed the cabinets with help of my work staff who are handyman but not professionals... when the granite install team came to install the granite they asked me who was the contractor that installed the cabinets because they are plum 100% and would like to add them to there install team., I explained about your product and they are amazed that your average joe with handyman skills can get this job done., and done correctly.,, again thanks for your product and "how to videos" Awesome product highly recommended ... Joseph Velazquez

Jose Velazquez,

EZ-Level Review: I am a small custom shop owner in north Florida. I came across your product while searching for a good cabinet leveling system that would make life easier, so after reviewing all of your videos (which are great) I decided to give the EZ-Levels a try. I must say that they are much more than what I expected. To anyone reading this and thinking, that's just an added expense to my kitchen, please know this, for the time saved and the structural stability of you cabinet they are not an expense but a great time saver and one of the best options that you can add to your cabinets. I have used these on standard base cabinets and some very large and heavy custom storage cabinets. I will never do another install without them. Not only do you get a great product but you get the pleasure of dealing with a great company. May God richly bless your business, your family and yourself Mr. Brooks. Sincerely, Steve Baker.

Steve Baker,

I recently did a complete floor to ceiling gut and remodel of my kitchen. I've never done anything like this before... not even close. The knowledge I had going into the project was vague at best. It was sheer coincidence that I happened upon a video for your ez-level system while looking for kitchen ideas. Boy am I glad I did! Your instructional videos gave me the mental and physical tools I needed to get the job done like the pros. I bought all the same tools and did everything precisely as you demonstrated... right down to the stain marker. Everything is split-laser level, perfect, and beautiful! Believe it or not, I actually pulled off this entire job without so much as a single mis-drilled hole. For potential customers: The ez-level system is THEE system to get. Don't shop around any longer. This is the one. It may seem pricey compared to some 5 dollar store-bought deal, but I'm here to tell ya folks, it's WELL worth it just from a standpoint of frustration avoidance alone. Better yet, I had my entire kitchen level in about 5 minutes instead of wasting a whole day or more. To Brooks Courtney: Your enthusiasm and genuine love for what you do has spread to me, and I can't wait for my next project! I don't know how else to thank you other than to let you know that you have changed my life.
Ryan S.Monday,
God bless you, sir.

Dear Mr. Courtney,
EZ-Level Review: My husband and I installed our new kitchen cabinets this past week using the E-Z Level system. This product made the job of leveling the cabinets super easy! We are so thankful we ran across your video demonstration on the internet! Our house is an old Ohio farm house that was built in the early 1900's. Let me tell you, there is not one square wall or floor in the place! LOL! We followed your instructions and the E-Z Level worked exactly like you said it would! The cabinets split the laser line on all three walls! I will be taking a set of E-Z Levels with me to my kitchen designer so she can show all of her contractors this great product! Thank you also, for believing me when I called and told you that we did not receive the Quick Jig even though the USPS said it had been delivered. We did receive the second one you sent to us. Thank you again for all you help. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Sincerely, Jess & Chris Vermillion
Chris Vermillion,
Ada, Ohio

Dear Brooks:
EZ-Level Review: Thank you (& your staff) so much for working with us. This kitchen remodel is something that we have been waiting & longing for, for more than 15 years. Your products and videos are helping us to install our dream kitchen faster and with much less labor costs. We are sincerely appreciated of having found you & your products on the internet last week!!!! We have already told 8 people about the e-z level system. Could you tell me what would be involved in becoming an authorized dealer?
LaTonia Harrison,

EZ-Level Review: I wanted to send you my glowing endorsement of ez-level cabinet levelers. I am a DIY of average skill level who had never installed cabinets before. I watched the videos on youtube, ordered the products and used them on an installation in an alcove with a badly sloping concrete floor. I was able to level the (asssembled) base cabinets in minutes with ez-level. It would have been a horrible task to level that run with shims. It's a pleasure to find a good product designed by an experienced craftsman.
Pat Moran

EZ-Level Review: The E-Z-Level System was helpful and eazy to use. Both the installer and I loved it. The videos were great and informative. We got the job done in no time just like you said in the video. For the first time, you made a believer out of me of a product sold on the internet. Like you said when I talked to you over the phone I was skeptical. Then when I saw the product in real action on my cabinets, I was 100% convinced and I wholeheartedly recommend this product to everyone out there. It's worth every penny. I congratulate you for inventing this product and bringing it to the market. Email:
Rajendra Shenoy
Dix Hills, NY, 11746

EZ-Level Review: Gotta tell you, this is the first product i have ever used that did what the mfg said it would do. I used the ez cabinet levelers to install 8 base cabinets. It took 5 minutes and the job was done, the cabinets were dead- on straight and level.
Well Done Thanks
S. Jarvis Monday,

EZ-Level Review: Thanks much for the prompt delivery and customer service. We installed our cabinets using the EZ level system and it worked as advertised. Fantastic. My buddy and I are not pros but have both installed several kitchens between us on remodels and after using the EZ level system, we are DONE with shims. I'm happy to support a product that is designed and made in the USA and that delivers on it's promise. Take care and consider me a customer for life. I've attached a few photos of our install. Feel free to use my comments and/or photos to help your business if you so choose.
Joe Herz

EZ-Level Review: Your EZ level system worked like a champ, I've never installed any cabinets before and didn't want to pay for cabinet installers etc. but the thought of endless hours of shimming/levelling/reinstalling cabinets looked like a daunting process until I ran across your product after a internet search. The directions were clear, shipping was fast, the assistance with what I needed to order was spot on with no wasted money and the installation and levelling process using your system allowed me to install a 100 sq ft kitchen's base cabinets in two days. I recommend the EZ-LEVEL to anyone on the fence about whether to pay an installer or do it yourself!
Steve Wednesday,

EZ-Level Review: I called a few times with some questions before starting the cabinet install. You were very helpful. These were installed at our Catholic church in Clearwater, Fl. I did the install. It was pro bono as I belong to this parish. I ordered 5 sets of cabinet levelers. The maint. men at the church had never seen or heard of them. The install went very smoothly. Your system worked like a charm. Everyone was impressed. I could not have done as good of a job without your help. Thanks again,
God Bless
David Napoli,

EZ-Level Review: These things are great!! Keep up the innovation, you really helped us out on our kitchen.
Jim Peters

EZ-Level Review: Hello, Well the kitchen is done. Attached a few photo's. The ez-levels rock! But, I need two more base cabinet levelers for the bathroom cabinet. Well worth the wait. Can you send two more sets and bill my credit card.
Thanks again,

EZ-Level Review: Sir: I ordered and used your product with great success. Delivery to Blaine, Washington was prompt, thank you. Without the EZ-Level kitchen cabinet levelers I would still be trying to get my lower cabinets even, straight and level. I bought a Bosch GLL2-50 line level and with your levelling units I was able to split the laser beam just as your video shows.

Thank you. Brian Gilmour
Email: Brian_Gilmour@BCRT.BC.CA.

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