A Look at Leveling Tall Cabinets and Refrigerator Pantries

When it comes to installing and leveling cabinets one of the most frequently asked question subjects, we get is about taller cabinets that go over the refrigerator. These large chunks of cabinet can feel intimidating to homeowners and professionals alike. 

EZ-Level Kitchen levelers for cabinets refrigerator cabinets

It is important to remember to look at the kitchen or room you are installing cabinetry in as a whole but to focus on one section, one cabinet at a time. It helps make sure each and every piece is properly leveled and installed individually as that adds up to the complete package. 

As shown in the video below, this is a fairly typical setup that many homes have - where your Refrigerator is surrounded by a panel, a cabinet, or both combined. Though many people would choose to install all three segments separately and then join them at the top, doing an installation that way can be very slow, time-consuming, and more difficult than it needs to be. 

The EZ-Level Difference

What we suggest is that you use the EZ-Level system. To do this lay the cabinets mentioned above on their backs on the floor side by side just like every other type of cabinet. Bring them all together in position, clamp, and attach with screws as needed.  At this time, you can attach and install the EZ-Level devices to the bottoms of the sections as instructed.

Once they are joined and have the EZ-Levels firmly attached, stand the combo cabinet upright. You can then use the attached EZ-Levels to level the cabinets up, lock them in place for good, and then slide it back towards the wall and into place.

Important Tip! You must measure and make sure that you have enough ceiling clearance so that cabinets do not bump into the ceiling while being turned upright. 

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Voila! Your cabinets are now level – for life! Guaranteed.

Video 7 - Leveling Tall Cabinets