Are You a DIY Project Kind of Homeowner? This Will Excite You!

Level your cabinets in minutes - Not Hours!

The Do-It-Yourself project industry has taken off in recent years. Much of the push is thanks to the heavy development of a multitude of available video series on popular engines like YouTube where homeowners who may have had little to no experience before are able to watch those who are experts in the field do exactly step by step what they are wanting to accomplish in their own homes.

This expert guidance has never been so readily available before. It only makes sense to try and take advantage of it if you are handy, to begin with.

Installation of cabinetry anywhere in the home has always been a massive undertaking. Floors and slabs, no matter how well-poured or installed are not ever perfectly level. Along with that fact, homes do settle and shift over time.

Leveling a kitchen full of cabinets can take hours in time and labor costs. Individual shims (small wooden wedge blocks) are generally used underneath each and every cabinet edge. They are then wedged into place manually and gaged by using a laser light level at the very top of the cabinet to monitor when the counter has become flush.

This is where we saw an opportunity to improve the way cabinets are installed. Reduce the labor intensiveness of the projects and lock the cabinets in place for good. No shifting, no sinking, no shims that pop out accidentally over time due to contraction and expansion with heat and cold due to seasonal changes.Necessity is the mother of invention, and this need was filled when we created the EZ-Level system.

With EZ-Level you let us know what layout you have, and we can help you determine exactly which levels you need and how many. This way your order comes to you complete and ready to go.

Once you have your EZ levels you can do the entire kitchen install and leveling in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days!

EZ-Level is manufactured and assembled right here in the USA and Warrantied for Life. They also have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

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There is no risk and tons to gain by trying EZ-Level on your next DIY project.  If you are ready to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently, it is time you tried EZ-Level.