ATTENTION: Cabinet Builders and Installers

Make Installation and Leveling a Breeze with EZ Level!

EZ-Level Cabinet Leveling

Installing a full kitchen of cabinets is no small undertaking. As someone in the cabinetry business, you know exactly how labor-intensive and time-consuming this can be. Using the traditional method of installing and leveling using wooden shims a kitchen usually will average between 1 and 3 hours though some cabinets, including custom cabinetry, can take longer and as much as 6 hours just working on proper leveling.

You may ask yourself, as someone who sells and or builds cabinetry, why would you want to cut the installation cost down?

The answer is twofold but very simple.
- First, if you cut the labor rate your client can most likely afford more expensive upgrades and higher-end cabinets leading to a bigger profit margin and a happier client.
- Secondly, you save yourself and your installation staff time.

While it is a loss of billable time on that one project you are freeing up your crew to be able to move on to the next customer and job in a quicker time frame. Homeowners are often very excited about their new builds. They want what they want when they want it – which is in the now. When you are able to provide that service? It can help build relationships that may move from this house to the next, assures great word of mouth advertising, and when using the EZ Level system to install they are guaranteed that their cabinets will stay locked into place and level for life of their cabinets. You cannot say that using traditional wooden shims.

EZ-Level takes your installations and your reputation as an incredible install team to the next level. Each level between drilling the proper holes and screwing the levelers into place takes just 15 to 20 minutes for the entire kitchen. Once the levelers are attached to the kitchen you can easily level the whole project in just 5 to 10 minutes.  As you get more used to the installation process it will go faster as well.

To watch quick and easy directions as to how to install an EZ-Level please proceed to the Installation Instruction page and scroll down to Video #4 Prepping for Base Cabinets. If you wish to fast forward go to time marker 4:03 Installing the Leveling System.

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