If Your Kitchen Install Includes a Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet – You Need EZ-Susan!

Lazy Susan cabinets are fantastic for storage but the challenge has always been the installation. These are big bulky weighted cabinets that fit tightly into a corner where you cannot reach to keep shims evenly in place. We came up with the ideal solution to simplify the problem.

Introducing the EZ-Susan and it works beautifully. In your layout, if you know you have a lazy Susan cabinet in the run, or really any large corner cabinet that is hard to reach, the EZ-Susan is what you need to order.

When purchasing levelers for any corner cabinet, make sure to add an EZ-Susan in the rear. This device gives you the ability to lift the far back corner with ease and keep it from sagging. 
EZ Susan Leveler for back and corner cabinets

The photo is showing (1) EZ-Susan mounted to the bottom of a corner cabinet. (The cabinet is upside down, so you can see the leveler). 

With the EZ-Susan, we now level the Rear Corner first... then the other rear levelers. Then... simply adjust the front feet till they touch. NOW... Installing and leveling these awkward cabinets takes less than a minute. 

EZ-Susan – Demonstration 

When installing a corner cabinet, it’s best to start in the back corner. The EZ-Susan is accessed through the toe-kick area. Simply turn a few screws and you are level! This can be done in a matter of just minutes saving you time and money.

If you happen to be a cabinet installer and have spent years doing this the hard way, we are happy you found us. Welcome to a less stressful install.


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