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Now... "Cutting crown molding is just as easy as cutting baseboard!"

For Pros & Homeowners

Crown-Master - (Crown Molding Jig)


This is the ONLY JIG that allows installers to CUT THEIR CROWN RIGHT-SIDE-UP! 

Being able to cut crown molding "right-side-up" means cutting crown molding is as easy as cutting baseboard! No more cheat sheets... This is an absolute game-changer for installing crown molding! It's quick, easy, and inexpensive! (My kind of tool)! 

Cuts crown molding from 1"- 6" and fits in any miter saw. 

Ships same day (1-5 Days delivery)
Overnight Available... Call 800-726-5550)

Crown Sits In Jig Right-Side-Up... Allowing ANYONE To Cut Crown, Like A Pro!

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