Dealer / Bulk Pricing Program

"EZ-Level installers look ahead of the curve. We don't just install kitchens. We analyze... self correct... perfect... and strive for excellence. We know our numbers. We understand the value of time. We choose the Best Tools and the Best Materials knowing... that every improvement, every move toward greatness, will have a long and lasting effect on our future.

The status quo was never good enough. The status quo always yields mediocrity. We want our customers to be blown away. And they are".

Brooks B Courtney, President

Dealer / Bulk Pricing Plan - $11.90/set

Retail - $16.95/set

Anyone in the trade can qualify for bulk pricing

Who Qualifies:
You do not have to be a licensed contractor, but we must be able to verify that you are a kitchen dealer or installer.

This pricing is to assist those who are in the trade, installing kitchens "for paying customers" or "for charity" or "for commercial Investments".

- Cabinet Dealers
- Cabinet Installers
- Cabinet Manufacturers
- Home Builders
- Realtors and Home Investors (short term investments / flip or rentals)

Here's How To Establish Your Account:
Simply email us your business card or website address, corporate docs, facebook page - anything showing that you are actively installing or selling cabinets as a professional.

We will set up your account and send you the activation links.

To expedite the setup, give call us at 800-726-5550.

We sill still need your credentials, so please send ahead.

How To "Sell" The EZ-Level System Properly

You Should Never Just - GIVE The EZ-Level System Away

The EZ-Level System is a premium product offering superior protection for both cabinets and granite. While other installers are still passing off shims as an acceptable way of installing cabinets, you choose the best materials and methodologies.

1). Always show the EZ-Level system as a "line item" on your proposal... Along with a link to the video mentioned below.  Tell them that the EZ-Levels are already built into their quote.

2). Remember: Customers come to you for advice. They come for help and guidance. Showing them how to protect their new cabinets and granite for a lifetime is exactly what they are hoping for.

3). While others are floundering under cabinets with little wooden wedges trying to level cabinets for hours... You and your team will have every cabinet laser leveled... in less than 10 minutes. These are the kinds of things that set our team apart from the rest!

Customer Video / Postcards

To aid you, we have created a page called...
"How We Protect Your Granite For A Lifetime". 

The feature video (to right) shows them how shims dislodge over time do to expansion and contraction, and how a built-in leveling system stabilizes their cabinets and granite for a lifetime.

Our experience: Once a customer sees this video, they will never allow anyone to use shims on their kitchen!


There are 4 areas of profit using the EZ-Level system.

   ~ Retail profits
Labor savings
Repeat business
Closed Contracts

Retail Profits: 
Dealer cost for the EZ-Level system is $11.90 per set. (see below for qualification) Some of our dealers sell our system at "cost" recognizing the significant labor savings. Some, sell our system for $20 - $25 per set "installed". 
It's your choice... 

An personal note from Brooks.
"As a kitchen remodeler, I do not sell the levelers for profit, but at the same time, we do not give them away either. The EZ-Levels are a premium product, that benefits us just as much as it does our customer, so we offer them at "Cost". On another note. we will never install a kitchen without them.  My signature and reputation is on every job, and the levelers give us the best foundation possible. Therefore, I can not accept less".  Brooks Courtney 

Labor Savings: 
Remember: The labor savings alone will easily pay for the system. 

Repeat Business: 
People love to talk about their new kitchen, and they almost always tell people about our leveling system. (playing golf... at lunch...) It's very unique, and it's very cool! Few people have EVER seen a system like ours before! We're different from most contractors. From the moment we arrive till we drive out of the driveway, we seek to impress and the EZ-Levels are certainly a part of that equation. 

Closed Contracts: 
Sometimes we need a little extra edge to close a contract , especially if our client is getting other bids. If this is the case... Show them the video below (blue button) and then ask them: “What are the other contractors using to level you're cabinets?” It's a fair question. One that they might want to consider.  (you can bet the answer will be "$2.00 shims")

Sample Pricing 

Dealer Cost
(10) EZ-24's @ $11.90 ea = $119.00 
(1) EZ-Single $6.90
Total Cost: $125.90

$20 per set installed = $200

+ Labor Savings

Just pass along to customer at cost. Pay's for the levelers while you still profit from time savings. 

Dealer Cost
(8) EZ-24's @ $11.90 ea = $95.20 
(1) EZ-Susan (blue arrow) @ $15
Total Cost: $110.20

$20 per set installed = $180

+ Labor Savings

Just pass along to customer at cost. Pay's for the levelers while you still profit from time savings.