Ordering The EZ-Level Cabinet Levelers 

You only need to know Two Things... 

1. How Many Levelers Do You Need?
2. What Size?

1) How Many Levelers Do I need?
2) What Size?

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Step 1of 2  - How Many Do I Need?

EZ-Levels are sold primarily in "SETS" (see photo)

Each "SET" consists of:

EZ-Levels are sold primarily in "SETS"  
Each "SET" consists of:

(1) "front" and (1) "rear" leveler.
A "short" adjusting rod for the front leveler.
A "long" adjusting" rod to reach the rear leveler.
Mounting Screws

Note: The "Short" adjusting rod screws into the front leveler. The "long" adjusting rod simply passes through the front leveler enabling installers to adjust the BOTH levelers independent of one another ... without crawling under the cabinets. 

This is (1) Set of Levelers  

Independent Cabinets... 

A single cabinet will need (2) sets.
One on each side of the cabinet.

(Photo to right) 

A single cabinet will need (2) sets.
One on each side of the cabinet.

Cabinet Runs... 

Most kitchens have several cabinet runs (cabinets that are screwed together side by side) which will only require:

(1) set on each end and (1) set at each "seam". (where two cabinets join together)

Therefore: If you have 2 cabinets side by side you will need (3) sets.
(Photo to right)

Footnote: Five cabinets side by side would need (6) sets and so on. 

Step 2 of 2  - What Size Do I Need? 

EZ-Levels are sold in 4 different sizes to accommodate the depths of any cabinet.

EZ-24   One set of levelers for a 24" deep cabinet (Overall length of levelers = 18") 

EZ-21   One set of levelers for a 21" deep cabinet (Overall length of levelers = 15")

EZ-18   One set of levelers for a 18" deep cabinet (Overall length of levelers = 12")

EZ-Single    A "Single" leveler for any cabinet 15" or less in depth (Overall length of leveler = 3")

Use fingers to resize  photos below


That's It ! That was easy!!! 

Now... Let's look at some samples 

Grab your plans... and follow along. 

Typical Kitchen Cabinet 

In this example we also drew in the levelers just to give you a better idea of what's going on. 

"Independent" Base Cabinets 

Will require (2) sets of levelers 

"Sink" Bases 

We almost always consider sink bases to be "independent".  Why? Because of the plumbing pipes. Many times the plumbing pipes coming out of the wall is not very neat, which makes sliding the sink base into position difficult. Having other cabinets tied to it makes it even more difficult. 

I do break this rule if the neighboring cabinet is small or if my plumbing pipes are nice and straight. Just be cautious.

Note: Always keep sink bases independent from corner cabinets. 

Cabinet Runs 

Cabinet runs are cabinets that are screwed together (both front and rear) like these two examples.

RULE: Cabinet runs will always have (1) set on each "side"... and (1) set at each "Seam". The "seam" is where the cabinets are screwed together.

It does not matter which side of the seam you install levelers. The seam is just as strong on one side as the other.

Footnote: You will screw all your "cabinet runs" together... and level them up as one big piece of furniture.

Notice the arrows are grouped together indicating these cabinets are a "cabinet run". 

Fillers & Turnings 

3" Fillers or Turnings are usually not very strong at the joint (AND) they are not typically screwed together in the rear.

Therefore they do not qualify as a cabinet run and should be installed "independent" from one another... having levelers on both sides of the seam.

As a rule of thumb I always install and level all my cabinets first... THEN... cut and install my fillers. 

This right side cabinet requires (2) sets because it is independent of the others.

You can also see how grouping your arrows helps to identify all the cabinet runs. 

Varying Depths 

When joining cabinets that have different depths... always place the levelers on the LARGER side of the seam.

In this example cabinet #2 will have (2) sets of EZ-24's on it... while cabinets #1 and #3 will have EZ-21's on them (assuming they are 21" deep vanity cabinets) 

Triangular Bases & Trapezoids 

Far Left:
Triangular Bases require (1) "Single" unit at the end... and (1) standard set "shared" at the seam as you normally would with any run.

Far Right:
Trapezoids require the same: (1) "Single" on end and (1) standard at seam. 

Blind Bases 

Blind Bases are like any other cabinet, needing the same amount of levelers.

The only trick is that you must level up blind bases first. Then... set the adjacent appliance or cabinet into place... So that you can reach the far set of levelers for adjustments. 

Corner Cabinet  with Susan.jpg__PID:37cb02b2-3c5e-4e16-b00d-78543f09f677
Corner Cabinet  with Susan2.jpg__PID:cb02b23c-5e0e-46f0-8d78-543f09f677ed

Lazy Susan Cabinets 

Typically, we install (1) set of levelers on each side just like any other cabinet,AND we install (1) EZ-Susan in the far back corner.

This allows us to lift the far back corner first... then, the other two rear levelers... and then the fronts. Now, Lazy Susan cabinets are a breeze to level!

Runs:You can also install Lazy Susan's in a run, just like any other cabinet, but it becomes very heavy so we typically keep the runs small. (maybe one small cabinet on either side). 

Click Image To Enlarge

Panels (Tall Panels & End Panels) 

Which Style Panel Do you Have? 

Panel on Right:
   Requires (1) Set of EZ-24's

Panel in Middle:
   Requires (2) EZ-Singles

Panel on Left:
   Requires (1) Set of EZ-24's

Warning: The panel (on the left) does not have a "stile" running vertically. Therefore the appliance might bump into the levelers.

Dishwashers are usually ok... But refrigerators will almost always bump into the lever if there is not a stile to hide it.

Sample Floor Plan A 

Notice: The bottom cabinet run also consists of an EZ-Single. (bottom right)

Retail Pricing - $179 
(10) EZ-24's   @ $17/set
(1) EZ-Single  @ $9/ea

Contractor Pricing - $127 (see Dealers page for more info)

Kitchen with Corner Cabinet  with Susan.jpg__PID:02b23c5e-0e16-400d-b854-3f09f677ed0e

Sample Floor Plan B 

Earlier we spoke about both... Lazy Susan's and Blind bases.
You can see we built them both into the runs in this kitchen.

Retail Pricing: $136 
(8) EZ-24's  @ $17/set

Contractor Pricing: $96 (see Dealers page for more info) 

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