Water Damage Protection with Every Installation of the EZ Level System

EZ-Level helps avoid future water damageWhen we buy brand new cabinets one of the last things on most of our minds is the concept that you could potentially experience a plumbing water leak down the road. Wood and standing water are a bad combination when it comes to keeping your cabinetry in good condition.

Water seeps in fast and the damage can be nearly instant. Homeowners’ insurance does cover leaking pipes and water damage if stipulated in the contract, however, it will usually not cover the full amount of damage potentially done. This can include having to replace entire chunks of cabinetry and counters and that can be a massive financial chunk.

Homeowner insurance claims cover sudden and accidental losses such as a broken washing machine or dishwasher hose. They do not cover damage from a slow leak that they will say you could have fixed. 

Most policies state that they cover the cost of repair for damage done by a water leak you are unable to see within the floors, ceilings, cabinets, beneath the floor, and behind appliances. Slow leaks over time may not be covered at all. Gradual wear and tear break down are not covered so if your pipes start to leak you may end up being denied and left to do all the repair work out of pocket.

Be Proactive – Protect your investment by installing all your cabinets with EZ-Level Levers

Now, you can install cabinets about 1/8” off the ground, to help protect them from possible water leaks and pooling. 

With a 1/8” gap the water will run right underneath the cabinets, never touching the wood. Before the EZ-Level system, this was not possible. What we used to have to do was shellac the bottom of the cabinets for some added water protection just in case. It wasn’t a perfect solution but did help a bit. Thankfully now with the EZ-Level system, raising cabinets up a little bit for water leaks is a breeze!

Watch Videos – EZ-Level Video 5 - Leveling Base Cabinets for more information on water damage and installation.


Install your cabinets with EZ-Level for ultimate peace of mind and avoid potentially wallet-busting repercussions in the future.